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Things That Go Transportation Unit Study

We started our Transportation Theme unit Things That Go last week with the boys.
We have been starting our morning with some great worship songs, while searching for good kids worship songs on the internet, I came across a great group that the kids have just been loving , I have caught every one of the boys walking through the house singing one of the songs. They are the Go Fish Guys, and we have been watching them on YouTube. The Bible Book Bop is the one we have been really focusing on the last week, its the books of the bible, and the video makes it very fun for kids, I highly recommend it to anyone trying to teach the books of the bible to their kids! Even Gabe will run in the classroom and join in for the song, and then walk around pointing at the computer on and off all day saying bop, bop, bop (the chorus of the song)
After worship the kids have been walking the line we walk, skip, gallop, march, and run. We use the Montessori Walk The Line CD I purchased from Montessori-N-Such. The first 2 weeks we are just practicing staying on the line. Ethan would even come and join us for this!
I purchased Things That Go lapbook from In the Hands Of a Child, they have some very nice lapbooks!! We added Bicylces, and Cars this week.  We talked about the different types of bicycles (unicycle, bicycle, tricycle) and the different jobs cars can have (taxi, police, race cars) we labeled parts of bicycles, did a crossword puzzle, cut them all out and glued onto our lapbooks.
I worked on the 3 period lesson with definitions with the 3 older boys. I split the cards up and introduced 5 of the cards with labels and definitions for the car and bicycle, we introduced 5 at the the beginning of the week and then introduced the other 5, later in the week. I downloaded the transportation nomenclature cards from Montessori For Everyone.
I have each group of cards paper clipped together, and stored in a basket on the shelf.
I have been reading Runaway Ralph (Ralph Mouse) out loud to the boys this week,
the sequel to The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Avon Camelot Books)
which we read together last year. Cody and Anthony have been reading from some of the other short stories we have out for the week.
Dustin has been reading the National Geographic Magazines, and reading about the bugs he finds outside, learning anything he can about them, I find a lot of the printouts for him from Enchanted Learning, I put those together on spur of the moment when ever he comes to me asking about a new bug he found in the yard.



Anthony took some time out to read one of the transportation books to Gabe. I couldn’t believe Gabe sat there and listened to the whole story, it just shows me how much he really is growing up!!
The boys have been teaching them selves so much science just from being in the yard this summer, Dustin told me the other day the complete life cycle of the grasshoppers, cicadas, and praying mantis.  This is the latest “catch” in the yard, Praying mantis’s that are about 10 inches long, they are HUGE, and Dustin informed me they there is so many of them, because they eat all of the grasshoppers that were taking over the yard! He has been putting them in a cage for the day feeding them grasshoppers, and then letting them go before coming inside for the night.
Here are the printouts I used the last week for him
I had the boys do a fun experiment using 101 Great Science Experiments, they made a hand powered fan, that is an example of a bicycle chain, the fan would go faster than they were turning the handle.
We used an old creamer carton for the box, my advice would definitely be use bigger corks that are not slanted at all. The little ones we used ended up breaking in half twice while we were putting the slits in for the fan blades, and in the end we had to use hot glue to hold the stick onto the fan blade.  We could only turn the handle a couple times before the rubber band would slide down because the cork slanted in… Either way it was a fun experiment and a really hands on way for the  kids to understand the concept!
Because it is the first week, I have done a bunch of presentations with the kids to the materials. Teaching them what they are all used for, and where they are all stored on the shelf with that being said I didn’t get to many pictures.
Anthony worked with the mini spindle box and spindles a few times this week.
 This is how I have the beads and number cards set out on the math shelves right now, you can read about one of the ways we use them HERE on a previous post.
Practical Life:
This is an activity that I will be keeping on the shelf, everyone enjoys the pouring activities from Gabe to Dustin.
 Anthony tonging transportation bandz, what great fine motor skills, I even had a hard time with those little tweezers!
For this activity the kids will use the tweezers or the little spoon and take 1 bead out at a time and then sort them according to color.
 This is what it would look like completed.
 I have decided Cody just isn’t a hands on kid, but I did sneak a picture of him doing a puzzle.
Dustin was very interested in the binomial cube, so I gave all the kids a presentation and Dustin used it a lot this week, I’m hoping by next week we can try with a blindfold. Ethan stopped using the flashlight to sit and watch Dustin.


The color tablets were one thing I couldn’t get myself to buy, I have heard so many people blog about how they don’t get that much use, so instead I purchased the Color Resemblence Sorting Task from I-Fit, Ethan and Anthony both have enjoyed the activity!
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