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Blanford Nature Center ~

Things To Do In Michigan (with kids)

We recently had some friends come and visit from California, and spent part of the day enjoying Blanford Nature Center. It had been a while since we visited, and the kids loved walking around and exploring all that this great nature center has to offer. During the early spring they have the Sugarbush Festival and you can watch the whole process of maple syrup making, which is a lot of fun (and of course educational as well)!

Before heading out on the trails we took a potty break in the visitors center, which gave us a great excuse to explore all of  the neat things they have to look.


The kids investigating taxidermy animals.P1120978 P1120979 P1120980

The reading area was full of different age level nature children’s books, it was a hit. P1120989

Even for the biggest kid!P1120994 P1120995 P1120997

They have rescue animals that they nurse back to health and release in the wild others have been so injured this is their permanent home. Serena loved all the different owls.


“Look Gabe a turtle.”

When Ethan spotted the bobcat taxidermy I thought he was going to pass out lol. He really thought it was real, until he realized it wasn’t moving.Things-To-Do-In-Michigan-Blanford-Nature-Center Things-To-Do-In-Michigan-Blanford-Nature-Center Things-To-Do-In-Michigan-Blanford-Nature-Center

The kids play area of course is always a hit! Things-To-Do-In-Michigan-Blanford-Nature-Center Things-To-Do-In-Michigan-Blanford-Nature-Center Things-To-Do-In-Michigan-Blanford-Nature-Center P1130024

Anthony’s walking stick held up better this time then the last time we were here lol…


The kind of picture that warms this mama’s heart.


Serena and Dustin decided that they didn’t want to play in the little kids area, so they walked around the trails for a while.


Gabe showing me his dirty hands, and also the fact that his pants from the knees down were covered in mud as well. Boys and mud just go together 😉


Gabe named the bridge the “Shake, Shake Bridge” anyone who has watched Thomas will know where that came from.


Who knew cut up trees could be so much fun? I have been saving parts of trees that have fallen around our yard to make something similar in the yard for the kids.Things-To-Do-In-Michigan-Blanford-Nature-Center P1130050

They had horses out plowing the fields, very interesting to see the old way of doing things. Things-To-Do-In-Michigan-Blanford-Nature-Center Things-To-Do-In-Michigan-Blanford-Nature-Center P1130070


We all had a wonderful day at Blanford nature center. It is one of our favorite things to do in Michigan! You can head over to our Michigan page to see some of our other Favorite things to do in Michigan, of course with kids!


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