Thank you for sharing!!

Last week didn’t go quite as originally planned, Jake had the week off for vacation and we took advantage of the opportunity to spend the extra time with him, and in turn didn’t do much planned school. We work year round, so an extra week off isn’t much of a big deal for us.

With the changes Serena had made during Christmas Break, and the fact it had already become a big and very time consuming task to sit and “plan” school for the 5 kids, to the point that it was taking almost all my free time. Now, I know that with montessori you are not supposed to “plan” what they do, but when there is no schedule for some of the kids, they do not tend to get a whole lot of work done and I’m just not comfortable with that. I really got to thinking about how far we still have to go for the year, and now I was adding Serena back into it to, and it was overwhelming to me. I decided I really wanted to still use mostly Montessori curriculum for the kids, but I had to find some solution (mainly for the 4 older kids) to save me some time.

Soooo I finally decided to purchase a curriculum that I had been debating purchasing for quite some time that works with the elementary and upper elementary levels, to hopefully help with the situation. New Child Montessori, so far I have been very pleased with the purchase, fast response to questions and the fact that she shipped out the manuals the same day I purchased, WOW! I purchased all 4 of the seasonal manuals and the supplement guide, I had the first week sent to me in PDF and we will be starting that tomorrow!  While I know I will still be doing some planning, I am very exited to be done with so many hours of planning every week and still being able to use Montessori curriculum.

Well off to get kiddos bathed and to bed. I will hopefully post about our first day tomorrow for Montessori Monday.

I would love to hear some input from others and how they homeschool upper elementary with Montessori.

Thank you for sharing!!


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