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Last week all the local schools were off for spring break, including Ethan’s school. With the time we had taken off of school with all of our family issues last month, I decided the kids wouldn’t be getting the week off from school. I did however decide to try to make the week a little more interesting and take the kids to the zoo. Apparently it was also every other moms idea in town to go to the zoo as well because it was very busy! I was amazed at how well Ethan did with so many people, we still have our struggles but it has become a more manageable task now, as long as we go somewhere he can be doing things he enjoys! I remember a time not long ago when I would have seen the parking lot that full and would have turned around and found something else fun to do with the kids (with less people around)!
Because it was spring break week, they had a few different activities set up for the kids to do. One of the activities was making lion and tiger masks.
 They have a clubhouse set up for the kids to play in, Gabriel loved it and chose to skip snack to keep playing in it!
The inside of the clubhouse.
Next off was the petting zoo, which we didn’t stay in for very long. Because it was so busy there were tons of children all trying to pet the animals, and it was just to chaotic to stay in for more than a minute.
All the boys enjoyed driving and “trying to start” the tractor.
Ethan was very excited to go inside the frog house, we have enjoyed lots of frogs in nature, but most of those are not quite as colorful!
 Ethan and Gabriel listing to different frogs inside the frog house.
Anthony examining the turtles in the “swamp”
Inside the aquatic area the boys enjoyed the tidal wave pool, and were so amazed every time a giant wave came up.
Dustin enjoyed trying to see how high he could jump, he made it higher than any of the other boys.
We watched a bird attacking a capybara every time it moved, and the it started squawking very loud at it.
The lion sunbathing on a giant rock, directly in front of the viewing window.
It was a wonderful day, unfortunately about half of the animals were not out because it is to cold for them yet, so I’m sure we will be back for another visit before the end of the summer.

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. The zoo was always a favorite place to visit when my kids were younger. We haven’t been in quite a while, but I think I would enjoy visiting the zoo again soon.


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