Thank you for sharing!!

Ethan’s last day of school last week was spent at the Zoo for a field trip, it was a fun time and everyone was able to go and enjoy all the fun! Unlike last time we went to the zoo most of the animals were out, so we were able to see some different animals this time!
 I made a couple scrabooking pages from our zoo trip, so I am sharing those along with some pictures.
Cody enjoying the looking spot into the salt water fish tank.
Dutin talking to the rooster 🙂
Gabe was a little skeptical about touching the animals, and when he did touch them he would run around screaming lol.
We decided to take the stairs up to the top of the waterfall since this was the first time we didn’t have a stroller/wagon to worry about leaving behind.
Almost to the top of the waterfall.
Finally made it up to the top!! Of course it makes people have to go to the bathroom so back down we went.
Ethan and Dustin looking at the turtles in the frog house.
The boys enjoyed looking at the life cycles of the monarch butterfly!
Dustin really enjoys taking pictures of our outings!
The Komodo Dragon up close.
Stop by and see the great blogs I am linked up with for other great ideas and field trips for kids!

Thank you for sharing!!


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