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This past year was a hard one for me physically and emotionally, I had finally found the right regimen of medicine for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and then start experiencing side effects from the Enbrel injections after 9 months of taking the med, so now we are trying to find something else that will help which can be a long not so fun journey!

My mothers health at the beginning of the year was not good, she has been waiting for almost 2 years for a liver due to Lupus complications, and we all were watching her slip down hill fast, in February she went to be with God and have a life with no more pain. It has been a relief knowing she is no longer in pain for once in her life, but still so very hard not to have my mother around, I miss her so much, she was one of my best friends! Each time I go to pick up the phone with some good news to call and tell my mom, I can’t any more, when I leave the doctors and need someone to explain some of the big names of test and medicines and think mom will know she has been on most of these meds at some point, I can’t anymore, when we have family get togethers and she isn’t around, these are all the times it hits me the hardest. I thank God every day for the family I do have because they are what has gotten me through!

Ethan will probably be graduating from ECSE classes this year, the past year his speech improvements have just amazed me. He went from the speech of a 13 month old to being almost on target in just over a year. Now thats not to say we won’t have trials in the future with it because it is Speech Apraxia but I’m so hopeful! We also had a new addition to our family last month my brother and sister in law gave birth to my first nephew, of course he is adorable!

Despite all the road blocks thrown our way we approach life grateful of every moment we have together. Every year seems to bring on it’s own trials big and small and it’s own blessings as well, and in every situation we work to find the good because even in the worst of situations God has some lesson for us to learn that we will grow from, that makes us the people we are!

I hope every one of you has a blessed and wonderful 2013!! With it being a new year, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the TOP viewed Posts of 2012 here on Mama Of Many Blessings.

#10 Organization Bliss:
One of the first ways I tried to store all my sensory bin items and other mini items was to store them in glass jars on an old DVD shelf we were not using. If the shelf would have been somewhere else the little boys couldn’t have gotten into the jars it would have worked great for us.

#9 Themed Storage with a FREE Printable: 
I shared how I store all my themed printables and also shared the cute labels I put on my storage envelopes.

#8 The 5 Senses: 
I shared our 5 senses unit and also shared a list of 5 senses resources!

#7 50+ Halloween & Fall Ideas: 
I listed over 50 different ideas all kind of fun ideas for parents and kids during Halloween and Fall season.

#6 Wish List Wednesday ~ Guest Post: 
I shared my homeschool wish list item which was an awesome DIY Sensory Gym:

#5 Some Body: 
We all enjoyed playing Some Body a human body anatomy board game, it was lots of fun!!

#4 DIY Sensory Table: 
My awesome hubby built me 2 different DIY Sensory Tables for us to use for our sensory bins, they get used regularly and are much loved!

#3 Friday Art: Stained Glass Butterflies: 
One of our Friday Art projects during our Butterfly Unit was Stained Glass Butterflies, they turned out amazing!!

#2 10 Tips You Won’t Want To Miss!!
I shared a round up of Pinterest Ideas that were helpful ideas, anything from a FREE Disney replacement movie to a great way to store sheets and pillows!

And the #1 post of 2012 was…… at over 23,000 page views….

#1 Save Hundreds Of Dollars on Printing: 
I found a great way to save TONS of money on printing our homeschool materials, in this post I shared what we did to save so much money, boy I wish I would have found this out sooner!!!

I am linking up with these great linky parties, stop over for more great ideas!

Thank you for sharing!!


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