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Fall Sensory Bin ~ Tractor Rice Sifting

I have seen lots of great ideas for rice sifting from blogs and got some inspiration of my own with things I had around the house to make a new fall sensory bin. I dyed some rice green, filled a big bowl with it, then I added tractor and barn erasers that come apart into pieces, the kids have to sift through the rice to find all the parts and then put the tractor and barn back together. It has been a well loved work by everyone except Gabe (who I’m sure would make a big mess of this!)
I think when I make this again I will take a picture of the completed objects print it out to keep with the bowl, so the kids know if they have found all the pieces or not. I found the sifter HERE. The erasers were found at the local Dollar Tree.
The kids usually end up spilling some of the rice on the table, so when they are done they get the little broom and dustpan and sweep up their mess and put it back into the bowl.
Here is a close up of some of the eraser pieces.

Thank you for sharing!!



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