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Valentine day sensory idea

Sensory Bins are used regularly in our house. Not only do we have fun learning using them but 1 of the ways to get Ethan calmed down is tactile activities, sensory bin being one of them.

For Valentine Day we made a few different sensory bins for the boys to explore. We have made MANY different sensory bins for the boys, you can head over to our sensory bin page to check out all of them including some more Valentine day ideas ones. Some times we just reuse

Valentine Day Water Bead Sensory Bin

Valentine Day Sensory Bin

What’s Inside The Bin?



P1120155 P1120132

Wonderful fine motor practice for kiddos. Picking up water beads, Gabe decided to put as many as he could into the red ice cube heart tray and filled the whole thing up!P1120143 P1120150

Sorting out the bigger water beads is something that Ethan spent quite some time doing storing them in the heart containers was just a bonus!

We spent some time making letters out of the beads to, Gabe really enjoyed this. I think it would be a fun way to practice some of our concepts in All About Spelling!!P1120169 P1120173

Red Flubber Valentine Day Sensory Bin

Valentine Day Sensory Play

What’s inside the bin?

The flubber will last for about 3 weeks when we store it in mason jars. Even the big kids love playing with homemade flubber!!

Valentine Day sensory play



Making hearts with the valentine’s ice cube tray.



P1120119 P1120112

Valentine Day Sensory Bin

Valentine Day Sensory Play

What’s Inside The Bin?

Most of the items inside of this sensory bin were picked up over the last couple years from Target dollar section, the Dollar store, or from Oriental Trading Company.




Ethan needs some extra help with some fine motor skills, despite all of the extra work we have done to improve them so picking up each of the plastic hearts and putting each of them into the heart ice cube tray is great work for him!

P1120051 P1120053

Looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas? I have a Valentine’s Day page that has lots of great Valentine’s Day arts, crafts, tot trays, and more.

My Valentine’s Day Pinterest board has even more ideas!

Follow Mama Of Many Blessings’s board Valentines Day Ideas For Moms And Kids on Pinterest.


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    • Thank you! I’ll bet your little one will love them. Water bins used to keep my little ones busy for a long time, and of course require a change of clothes lol. Have a blessed week!!


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