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One of the things we really enjoy doing around the holidays is open ended art projects. So for Valentine’s Day I had a basket out with some Valentine’s Day decorations that the kids could use to decorate a plain paper heart for a Valentines Crafts.
What Are Open Ended Art Projects?
For anyone wondering what the purpose of open ended art projects is, or even what they are I have decided to explain them a little for you. Open ended art projects are projects in where children can choose what they want to create using a selection of art materials. Open ended art projects allow children to use their imaginations, and it also help them attain skills in expressing their ideas orally and visually with confidence. We have done many open ended art projects and the kids love them!
Here are the materials found in our Valentines Crafts projects
  • I found these Valentine’s Day Stickers at Dollar General for the kids to use.
  • Sticky Valentine’s Day foam hearts.

  • Heart scrapbooking stickers.


  • Valentine’s Day heart shaped buttons with glue.

For some reason I cannot find the pictures I took of the kids making some of their hearts, or the pictures of Gabe’s heart, but here is one of Ethan’s finished projects, he did the entire project by himself. I just cut out hearts from white card stock for the kids to use.

Looking for other Valentine’s Day art projects? One of our favorite things to do every Valentine’s Day is to use our Mailing Station.

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