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Valentine Day Sensory Bin

For our February sensory bin I choose to go along with the Valentine day sensory bin for the upcoming holiday. I am still alternating it with our Winter Sensory bin.

valentine day sensory bin
Sensory bins have always been a hit in our house, they help keep the little ones busy. We sneak in many different ways to teach the kidsĀ using our sensory bins. We practice counting, patterns, fine motor skills, and many other ideas are used depending on the sensory bin.

Whats Inside our Valentine Day Sensory bin?

  • Valentines Garland with hearts
  • Heart bracelets
  • Little Heart containers
  • A Feather Rose
  • Red Star Christmas Ornaments
  • Red, White, and Pink Silicone Baking Cups
  • Textured Hearts on Sticks
  • Valentines container
  • Red and pink necklaces
Here is a close up look at the things found inside our bin. AllĀ of the items were purchased at the dollar store. The bin we used was a simple Trofast bin from Ikea and is rater inexpensive and a perfect size for a sensory bin!
Valentine day sensory bin
Valentine day sensory bin
Valentine day sensory bin
Opening and closing the heart containers is wonderful fine motor work!!
Valentine day sensory bin

Ethan took the garland out right away and decorated the room for us!

Valentine day sensory bin
Valentine day sensory bin

I also added the hearts on sticks for the kids to play with in the bin.

Valentine day sensory bin
This valentine day sensory bin has been a hit with the kids, they have enjoyed playing with it for many hours!

To see all of the fun Valentine’s Day ideas and recipes we have shared over the years head over to our Valentines Day idea page.


Thank you for sharing!!


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