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Valentines Day Montessori activities and Practical Life Work

Last week I started printing off some Valentine’s work and added them to the shelves. I also changed some of our winter practical life trays and changed them over to Valentines Day Montessori activities. Confessions of A Homeschool has a bunch of great resources on the letter “V” for Valentine’s to print off and that is what we used for most of our print offs.

The Valentine’s matching game, follow the arrows and spell Valentines were added to a Valentines Tot Book to use for Gabe or Ethan the next couple weeks. The Sweetheart Letter match and follow the lines were found at 2 Teaching Mommies, and Ethan will work on it whenever he chooses to pull it off the shelf in the next couple weeks.
“V”  is for Valentine’s dot marker page. We use the empty bingo marker bottles from Discount School Supply, and fill with Liquid Watercolors (also from Discount School Supply), they work awesome and are so much cheaper that purchasing dot markers!
Valentine heart counting.
Ethan counting with candy hearts
 When they are done they get to count out 10 and eat them! That was his favorite part.
Heart size sequencing.
Heart lacing, I couldn’t find a red string, so I just used a blue one.
Upper and Lower case alphabet stamping, to use with our stamp set.
How it’s stored on the shelf. All the stamps that are needed are stored in the container, and the stamp pad is under the stamps.
Ethan is working on lower case letters now, so I let him do some Valentines poking with this page, he poked around the circles, letters, and hearts.
Put the red sparkly pom poms onto the circles
I have now added the cards and Arctic Animals to the language shelf, and we review the animals a few times a week, and then Ethan usually plays with them in playdoh and makes animal tracks.
Heart Necklaces. Each clip has a precut and tied necklace, the kids just take one and start stringing their beads.
Pouring heart beads from 1 creamer to the other.
Spooning and sorting heart beads.
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. Beth- Thank you for stopping by and commenting it is always appreciated!

    Deb- Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I love the dot markers, I was a little leary about weither they would work good or not, but they work great! Thank you for posing my post on Facebook!

    Jessie- Thanks for your kind words and stopping by!

  2. Such great ideas! I home preschool my son, so I am always looking for things like this to do with him. I’m thrilled that you shared at Shine on Fridays!

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