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Easter Sensory Bin Water Play

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I haven’t made a new sensory bin in a while, so I decided to get out an “Easter” water fun bin for the kids.

What’s inside the Easter Sensory bin:

  • Slippery Spheres (you get 6 different colors)
  • Water ( I added about an inch of water in the bottom of our bin)
  • Easter Eggs (we had some with holes, and some without)
Here is one of the packages of slippery spheres. There are a few reasons I like them, first they can be reused, you can take them out of the water and let them dehydrate, store in a container, and then reuse again. Second all the kids loved the feel of them, and lastly they come with lots, we only used about 1/8 of the packages and had plenty to play with.
 You can see they start out as little tiny spheres.
And then grow into big spheres, when left in the water, we left them in the water for about 7 hours. I will say because we left them in for longer some of them broke apart pretty easily, into jelly pieces. Next time about 4 hours would be about good so they don’t break apart so easily.
Ethan enjoyed filling the eggs with the spheres, and then pouring them into the container, we also counted them.

I love how colorful they are!
The older kids enjoyed finding containers that matched the spheres so that the containers looked like this….
But this is really what was inside the water!
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Thank you for sharing!!



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