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Different Types of Weather

We recently finished our first couple weeks of the Mother Goose Time Curriculum with Gabe. Both Gabe, and myself are really enjoying the program. I am really love the fact that everything is put together already in separate bags ready to go. You can read my first post about Mother Goose Time curriculum to see all the great things that are included with your monthly subscription.

Gabe is really loving the fact that he is doing fun hands on learning, crafts, finger plays, helping in the kitchen to make our snack each day, and many of the other fun activities that are found in the Mother Goose Time Curriculum.

Every month they have a general theme, and then each week the kids learn different things pertaining to the monthly theme. They cover all the pertinent subjections and skills that preschoolers should be learning. We are just adding in bible, Handwriting without tears, and Math U See to his learning each day.

The theme for the month of October, is Weather All Around Us. Here is a look into the first 2 weeks of the curriculum learning about different types of weather and about the seasons.


Each day we have an opening song and a closing song. These are some of Gabe’s favorite times since he is my music kids and thoroughly loves all music!

Weather All Around Us

After our morning music time we start circle time where we talk about the letters, sight words, color, shape, of the month. We also add the day to the calendar, sing the day of the week song, months of the year song, and count the numbers on our calendar. Our morning circle time sure is a great way to sneak in some extra learning each day.

Mother Goose Time Curriculum

Mother Goose Time Curriculum

We learned that the sun only shines on 1/2 of the earth at a time and made a fun craft to show that.

Weather All Around Us

Gabe wanted to paint the water on, after the islands were added. So we took out the watercolors.

Mother Goose Time Curriculum

Mother Goose Time CurriculumWeather All Around Us

We talked about the different seasons and played a fun search and find game, using pretend magnifying glasses. We compared what the picture looked like during different seasons and how things change in the environment at different times of the year. Lots of fun learning from this 1 activity for the month.

Preschool Seasons Preschool Seasons

On our wind day we read a fun book that was included with the curriculum. Called Does a Bear Wear a Hat in the Winter? It was a fun book that both Gabe and Ethan really enjoyed. It was a simple enough book that Gabe was able to read it back to me after we read through it a couple times this week.

We explored shapes and arranged them onto the mats that were provided, we blew the shapes around like the wind and tried blowing a couple lighter and heavier objects to see if we could blow them.

Wind Preschool Theme

We talked about wind, and blew some confetti using a straw to make a picture.P1140534

We made our own cloud shapes using Magic Noodles. Gabe made a cloud train, which was no surprise to me since he is my BIG train lover!

Weather All Around Us

We melted crayons in wax paper with the iron, cut it out and taped it to the window. we talked about how hot the sun is and that it can melt things. Gabe made one using blues and a pink crayon, Ethan decided to make one as well using fall colors. My camera batteries died right before this activity and my camera on my phone does not take great pictures, so don’t mind the blurry pictures.


CAM01509 CAM01513

We searched or our orange bird that was hiding under snow (white paper towel.)

Mother Goose Time Curriculum

We made a sled, attached the rope, and pulled it around the house.Weather All Around Us Weather All Around Us

Check The Weather Game. This was a great way to practice counting skills, how to control the dice, really understand what each of the weather types were, and taking turns.Weather All Around Us
Weather All Around Us

We talked about the clouds filling up with condensation until they are full and that then it rains. We showed this to the kids using sponges and water, and then let Gabe play with it for a while.


Gabe got lots of practice cutting when he cut out the cards for our season matching game. We talked about the different seasons and what clothing would be worn for the different seasons, sorted the different clothes from each season, and then played memory using the cards.

Weather All Around Us Weather All Around Us Weather All Around Us

We practiced number recognition, 1 to 1 correspondence with the sun. Gabe would flip over one of the number cards and then put that many rays on the sun.Weather All Around Us

We filled our sensory bin with water and a few things to play with in the water.


One of the letters we have been working on is the letter “c” Gabe had to make the letter using leaves we found outside.

We made some fall dough using conditioner and cornstarch.P1140468

It was very soft dough, and wasn’t to big of a mess to clean up. It wiped right off of the table which is always nice. We also pulled out a previous fall sensory bin Tractor rice sifting for the boys to play with later in the week, that I didn’t manage to get pictures of.P1140470

We put the dough into a  mason jar and both of the boys have been continuing to use it.

We learned about rainbows and made a rainbow chain pattern.P1140492 P1140502

Ethan wanted to make his own rainbow chain as well.P1140508

They both had fun hanging them in different areas around the house.P1140527

Gabe colored a rainbow frame and drew a picture of himself on the paper.


When we learned about spring Gabe created some flowers using the provided materials and our art basket.P1140547 P1140550


We did some math practice using leaves, after Gabe cut out the cards for us to follow.
P1140573 P1140575

We found Sweden on the map, put the sticker on and flag near the country. We talked about the weather there, and looked at some pictures of Sweden in our children’s encyclopedias. P1140581

They included a easy to read story for the kids to read using the sight words for the month. Gabe was able to read the entire story to me, he was so very proud of himself!  P1140590


Gabe has been getting great at writing his name, you can see on his story how well he is doing.P1140591

Here are some of the books we read through out the 2 week period (affiliate links).

What is your favorite thing to include in your weather unit for pre-K-Kindergarten children? Leave a comment letting me know!

Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador, I am provided with their monthly curriculum at no charge to me. In exchange I share our experiences using the program. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself and have not been swayed by the free product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations you can read my full disclosure here.

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