What Does Our Daily Routine Look Like??

I have had a few people ask what our school day looks like. With 6 kids (3 of which are special needs) it can be very challenging some days! The one thing that has been such a life saver for me is to be flexible and realize that our day doesn’t always go as planned, and to just work around that the best we can.

This is a rough idea of how our day goes, the mornings are the most flexible time, since both of the little boys are down in the classroom. In the afternoons I work on the older kids subjects because the little boys wouldn’t sit through very good through those, I also do any subjects with them that were not able to get done during the morning work period.

8:00-8:20 AM-  Start waking everyone still sleeping up.

8:20-9:00 AM-  Kids eat breakfast, get dressed, get daily zone and breakfast chore done and get free time till school starts.

9:00-9:20 AM- Circle Time (do daily calendar, review character trait, worship/music, stories)

9:20-9:30 AM- Sensory Diet activities (so sitting through our work period isn’t so hard)

9:30-11:45 AM- Morning work period- this is when I work on individual/group presentations, we do our art activities, and try to keep Gabriel out of trouble while the older kids work 🙂 the kids take a 15 min break for a snack, to stretch, or sensory diet activities whenever they feel they need it in this time period

Our mornings are the time that a lot of my focus is on Gabe and Ethan and making sure they have something to keep them busy while the older kids are more independantly working, because the 2 little boys tend to get into lots of trouble if something isn’t keeping them busy. Ethan can focus on an activity for quite a while if he is enjoying it, but Gabe gets bored very easily, and likes to throw things when he is done with them, so I am switching out his activities regularly through the morning, when Gabe’s busy for a few minutes I sneak in our morning presentations, and the kids work on them as they want through the week.

11:45-12:00 PM- Serena and Dustin head upstairs to make and set the table for lunch, while I have another circle time with the 4 younger kids and read a couple seasonal books, and any fingerplays or songs scheduled for the day.

12:00-12:10 PM- Help make sure everything is set for lunch

12:10-12:20 PM- Get Ethan ready for school (he eats lunch at school)

12:20-12:45 PM- Drop Ethan off at school while kids finish lunch and hopefully start their chores.

12:45-1:00 PM- Help kids make sure lunch chores and zones were done while mom was gone (which really only happens about half the time)

1:00-1:30 PM- Put Gabe down for his nap, and then a little free time. Usually the boys will go outside and get their energy out and ride bikes, scooters, rollerblade play catch etc… till we start back up for the afternoon.

1:30-3:30 PM- This is my time to focus my attention completely on the 4 older kids, since the 2 little boys are not around to need my attention so much (M-Th.) The kids finish any independent work not finished in the morning, we do Mystery of History (M,W,TH), Spelling (M,W,Th), Math Presentations (daily), any presentations that I think may be to difficult for the 2 little boys, or any science experiments that were a little to messy to include the 2 little ones in.
*On Fridays Ethan doesn’t have school, so he stays with us for school in the afternoon, that is the day I always plan to do a big art activity, or a fun science experiment for the week. Some Fridays when I have gotten behind for the week, I give Ethan fun messy play or art to keep him engaged while we finish up our weekly studies(pretty much anything Gabe would make a big mess of if he was around) We finish up between 3/4:00 on Fridays it just depends how in depth we end up getting into whatever we are doing.

Gabe usually wakes up from his nap around 3:00ish, and eats his snack and watches an educational show till it’s time to get Ethan from school.

3:30-3:50 PM- Bring Gabe to go get Ethan from school while anyone finishes any work that needs to be completed for the day. When the kids have finished school they each have a chore to complete in the school room, recheck their zones, and then have free time till dinner.

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