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Childrens Books ~ Fall and Halloween

I don’t leave all of our books on the book shelves, I pick out the books that are related to what we are studying along with the season it currently is. I also get a bunch of library books, that I order the week before we start a new unit. Here are the books that we have been reading for the last month, and will stay on the shelves till after Thanksgiving.

I love this series for kids, it is full of questions kids or even adults have about a particular subject, this one being trees.

There has been lots of leaves changing color around here, so it was the perfect time to talk about why leaves change color. This was a great story for the kids to understand that, one I rented from the Library.

The National Geographic Apple and Pumpkin books have been wonderful books to include in our apple and pumpkin unit. The younger and older kids enjoyed this book, they all enjoyed seeing the real life pictures!

The pictures are beautiful and real life images. I recommend both of these books for anyone learning about pumpkins or apples.

This was a great story about Johnny Appleseed, it was one I read to the kids, an had Cody and Anthony independent read it as well. It was not a story for the younger kids but the older ones enjoyed it.

I have been reading this book with all the kids, but it is geared more towards younger children, a book that was great for the little one’s to understand Thanksgiving.

This was a fun fall easy reader for Anthony to silent read.

Anthony really enjoyed silent reading the Dick and Jane and Vampires book.

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