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I decided to change things around in the classroom, and have put Gabe’s shelf materials into our Ikea drawers that I hadn’t figured out what to do with yet. It seems to work a lot easier for being able to change out his activities out for him in the mornings and not having to go to the shelves to pick out his materials. Where Gabe’s trays were has now been turned into storage for our current science theme, as we ran out of space on our previous science area! I will change some activities out during the week, if I see they are not being used, and replace it with something that will see a little more use!
This is a look at all the shelves from a distance, as you can see 1 of the drawers was being used while I took the picture.
In this drawer, I purchased THESE  Magic Nuddles from Discount School Supply. Gabe hasn’t really enjoyed making things with them yet, but the other kids have! You just wet the ends and they stick together!
Clips onto the Basket: Gabe loves clips right now, so I put some Dollar Tree clips into a green basket, so he can clip them onto the edges.
The Easter Story: I know this one is a little early for Easter, but I figured it’s never to soon to start learning about it! So I have been working on the Easter story with Gabe and Ethan using these mini Characters. When we are done talking about it, Gabe enjoys taking the people and moving them between the box and the egg! I purchased the box with the little figures from Oriental Trading Company, and the egg came from the local thrift store.
Here is the inside of the egg.
Animal Magnets: I picked up some stove burner covers from the Dollar Tree a while ago, and brought out our Melissa and Doug animal Magnets. As Gabe pulls them out and sticks them on the burner cover we talk review the name and sound the animal makes. It is great review for our upcoming zoo trips once it warms up!
Pouring green stars from one glass creamer to the other: Gabe has enjoyed this activity since he has a love for pouring still, and for the nice sound the stars make being poured into the glass creamer!
Gabe giving it a try..
Tonging St. Patrick’s Day Coins: The kids will tong the St. Patty’s day coins from the basket into the black pot. Gabe is working hard to pick up the fine motor skills for using tongs, but is making great progress!
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. What great ideas! I really like the round burner for magnets, especially on the small high chair tray. I’m trying this one! Thanks.

  2. What a great selection of ideas and I love the ikea drawers as well – so organised and easy to access just what I’m looking for (will have to see whether they do them in the UK Ikea).

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots and look forward to seeing you again this week


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