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Here are a few of the toys that Gabe has in his tot drawers available to him, I change some out if he isn’t showing interest in an activity after a few introductions. Most days he uses almost all items in the drawers, as his attention span in still short. The times he is done our “sensory motor room” area has really come in handy he goes over and plays for a little bit (I’m able to supervise while still teaching the other kids) and then comes back to an activity in the school room.
All the boys love using our Zoobs, most of them are missing from the drawer at the moment because someone is using them.


A coloring book and a notebook, finger crayons, and rock crayons in a red velvet bag. Gabe really enjoys coloring, so I added some fun coloring utensils and some things to color on.


Trains are one of Gabe’s all time favorites to play with lately, so I added some tracks and trains from our upstairs collection for him to play with during school. He uses them daily right now.


These have been in our drawers for a little while now, but are still being enjoyed so I have left them in. It is a parmesan cheese shaker and foam flowers on wood sticks, the sticks fit perfectly into the parmesan cheese container.


I added our peg board, a bowl with some pegs, and a pan to one of the drawers. Gabe has just started to show interest in the pegboard he also loves taking the lids off pans and putting them back on. Which is why I added the pan, so he could put the pegs in and put the lid on while we talk about colors and how many he has put into the pan.


This is one of the few trays out in our school room. It is our spring freeform art project. On the tray are small sheets of colored paper, a couple sheets of spring themed stickers, a basket with spring foam shapes with a glue stick, a basket with spring shape punches, animal stencils, and some fun scissors.
Freeform art projects are always one of Ethan’s favorites and he will choose to grab it off the shelf as soon as he sees it!


Here are some of the products we used.
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For other wonderful ideas to add to your tot drawers/tray stop by and check out my Tot Tray Pinterest Board.
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Thank you for sharing!!


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