Why Our Big Family Loves Sonlight

When you have a big family working on the logistics of your homeschool is pretty important. We have used many different homeschool curriculums over the years. Grouping as many of the kids together is something that we found out is really important to our homeschool running smoothly…  Well and also to keep my sanity. Which means many of those curriculums we have tried over the years did not work very well for us.
Why Our Big Family Loves Sonlight Curriculum
When we started using Sonlight curriculum I was slightly concerned about having enough time to teach all the kids. There is quite a bit of teacher involvement with this curriculum. My fears have been quickly diminished after we started using it. The curriculum is so flexible which makes it amazing, even for big families. Even for those of us who teach many kids daily and take care of many little ones, not in school.
Why Our Big Family Loves Sonlight Curriculum

Our Favorite Things About Sonlight For Our Big Family

  • It is Flexible – You can set up your schedule any way you would like, choose to use whatever classes you want, or add other children to the class as well.

Why Our Big Family Love Sonlight Curriculum

  • Can Combine Multiple Kids – We have managed to use our level of Sonlight with 2 kids. We ordered the level in between both of their grades and are having them both use it. It has worked great so far, it isn’t boring or over either of their heads.
  • Choose Different Programs – Sonlight offers many different options for the extra classes. So for math, reading, handwriting, etc you get to choose whatever program you want. They have many of the best and well-known curriculums that most homeschoolers already use.

Why OUr Big Family Loves Sonlight Curriculum

  • Easy To Store – The curriculum is super easy to store. We give each of the kids their own wicker basket in our homeschool shelf. That is where all their personal workbooks go. There is a shelf we use for the kid’s binders that have their science and English pages in them. Lastly, I have a basket with all of our reading books. We keep the books we are not using down in our basement on a shelf. Super easy to store, even better it doesn’t take up too much room.

Why Our Big Family Loves Sonlight Curriculum

  • 4 Day or 5 Day Schedule – The nice thing is that Sonlight offers a 4 or 5-day schedule to follow. We choose to follow a 5-day schedule even though we only do group classes 4 days a week. Why you ask? Because we didn’t want to miss any of the amazing lessons and books. We will just use the program longer than an original school year.

Why OUr Big Family Loves Sonlight Curriculum

  • Fun Hands-On Learning – Sonlight has great hands-on learning ideas woven right into the curriculum usually every single week. They are great for those of us who like to implement hands-on learning into our homeschools. Are you a mom who doesn’t like to use hands-on learning ideas? No worries, you can just skip them without any problems at all too. See what I mean, Sonlight realizes not all homeschools are the same, so they offer to learn for all kinds of us parents!

Why Our Big Family Loves Sonlight Curriculum

Why Our Big Family Loves Sonlight Cirriculum

  • Works Great For Special Needs – I love the fact that Sonlight uses different ways for the kids to learn. That way my special needs kids can learn and my kiddos who are not special needs as well. Not many curriculums are great for both of my kids.

Why Our Big Family Loves Sonlight Curriculum

  •  Great Literature – Alright, those of you who have used Sonlight previously know this one all too well. Those of you who are debating using or haven’t used Sonlight in the past have no clue. Sonlight chooses the BEST literature you can imagine. They use stories that bring the topics to life, stories that your kids won’t want you to stop reading. Stories where mom may be crying as she is reading to the kids. No, really, they have chosen amazing resources to use with the kids.

Why Our Big Family Loves Sonlight Curriculum

Did you realize that there were so many great things about Sonlight curriculum? I sure didn’t before using the program either. If you give it a try in your homeschool (even if you’re a big family) I’m sure you will be delightfully surprised.

Why Our Big Family Loves Sonlight Curriculum

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Sonlight?

Have you ever tried Sonlight Curriculum in the past? What was your favorite thing about the curriculum? Leave me a comment below letting me know, I would love to hear from you!


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Disclaimer: We were provided with the Sonlight curriculum and in exchange, we are sharing our experience with the program and homeschooling. We were not required to write a positive review, nor were we compensated in any other way. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

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